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Who We Are

Get to know more about our story at Broadfording Church

Broadfording Church is made up of people who recognize that we don’t have it all together, but that Jesus does. We are a group of people who understand our brokenness, and realize that in the gospel, Jesus reached into our brokenness to restore the relationship between us and God, this relationship we were created for. Together, we are pursuing this God who loves us. And we invite you to join us on this journey. It’s okay to ask the difficult questions. It’s okay to wrestle with doubts. It’s okay to struggle with fears. Broadfording Church is a safe place to have these conversations. We’re strongly committed to God. We value His Word because in it God reveals Himself to us. We’re learning, as much as we struggle with it in our sinfulness, that life doesn’t revolve around me. Rather, we have a place in God’s story and He has created us as unique individuals with amazing gifts we can give back to Him. We’re on a mission to encourage each other to passionately seek an awesome God.